Thursday, January 29, 2009

DCEETA says:

Anyone who understands my username will understand what it is that I am saying.
(...try Google....the path starts and ends there.)

What many people seem to be missing that the "cover
story" is the actual story.

It's not newly applied advanced much as it's simple old
applied advanced tactics.

Timing is sometimes everything.
....and it certainly can be a big help to have time..on your side...working
for you and yours.

In the hot desert sun...if you don't will melt.
If you do will groove..with the get..and especially the got.

So what is the good for the go.

Desperately Seeking

(Listen VERY closely to the lyrics.)
Madonna - "Into the Groove"

Gonna get to know you in a special way
This doesn't't happen to me every day
Don't try to hide it love wears no disguise
I see the fire burning in your eyes
Live out your fantasy here with me
Just let the music set you free
Touch my body, and move in time
Now I now you're mine

Posted by: DCEETA | Sep 22, 2008 5:54:34 PM

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